From the Smallest of Things

Have you ever wondered about your own significance?

I realize that’s an enormous philosophical inquiry, but I’d like to pose it through a much smaller, more manageable question and shape it in a more practical way.

Have you ever wondered if you could do anything significant about a really big problem?

As I have attempted to be more sensitive to the challenges and opportunities around me, it’s not surprising that I am seeing . . . a lot more challenges and opportunities. The world is filled with things that could and should be done. We are constantly presented with opportunities to make a difference.

I have been presented an opportunity to travel to a third world country. Plans are still underway and the political conditions are such that even the best of plans may have to be put aside. My hope and my commitment is to make that trip and to work as a peacemaker.

Yet, I have doubts. When I look at the enormity of the problems in that place, I wonder what, if any, positive effect my going will have. What difference will I make in the quest for peace among those good people?

In some of my readings this morning, I was reminded that most great accomplishments begin with the smallest of things.

Whatever your challenge or opportunity, I hope that you will not grow weak thinking about how great the hurdle may be. Instead, I trust that you will grow stronger with each and every small movement you make toward your goal.

You can contribute in a significant way to world peace by doing these small things:

One small stepCreative Commons License photophilde via Compfight

You will be surprised by the way that peace will ripple through your relationships, your communities, your world.

In the coming weeks, I will take a closer look at each of these small things. Until then, remember that you are uniquely equipped to do significant things about big problems.

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