Be Double-Edged

If you’ve decided to be a peacemaker, you’ve chosen a life of interruptions.

Oddly, we choose this path because of our desire for calm and ease, both for ourselves and others. Yet our calling pulls us into the middle of strife, tension, and almost constant change. Fatigue, frustration, and even fear can creep into our thoughts — draining our energy and our motivation to provide a safe space for reason, understanding, agreement, and reconciliation.

IMG_0087Such strain and such drain can squelch the spirit of the peacemaker.

Resolve to be double-edged in your approach to conflict resolution and reconciliation.

Don’t become lost in your dreams for tranquility. You must also find strength and protection in self-care. Surround yourself with other peacemakers. Don’t be too proud to seek and accept their help with your personal struggles.

Peacemaking is not a solitary effort. By its very nature, peace forms groups of people into a community focused on the common welfare of all — even those with whom we disagree.

As you face the road ahead, accept the responsibility of blessing others with your gifts of peace. But, never forget that the balance that enables you to continue and flourish in your work demands that you accept blessings even as you give them.

Be double-edged, both giving and accepting blessings in every deed. Bless and be blessed in this new year!

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