Quiet Voices – Strong Voices

I struggle with loud.

Loud music. Loud mufflers. Loud conversations.

I struggle with setting.

I don’t understand and, frankly don’t appreciate, responsible adults who lack respect and who talk whenever and wherever the fancy strikes them. At the back of my church during worship. During classes when teachers are desperately trying to use time wisely. At times when the speaker lacks knowledge of the subject matter or a sensitivity to those who can hear her voice.

But that’s my struggle.

IMG_0978I am fascinated by the quiet voice that captures our attention. The words I lean toward to make sure I don’t miss one. The thoughts shared from someone who has carefully groomed the words. The tone that carries a respect for all those close by and an awe for things greater than ourselves.

Despite their quietness, these are the voices that speak to me. These are the thought leaders who command the attention of far more individuals than they ever imagined. Their admonition and their encouragement crowd out the negativity and the violence of our age.

Quiet. Yet, they speak.

We all need to speak. Quietly. Strongly. Whenever we see wrong, we need to add our voice to the other quiet voices that will be listened to. The loud, the boisterous, the profane will grab momentary notoriety. But ultimately they will be dismissed.

Stand up. Share your thoughts quietly. Whisper or write them down if you must. But speak. You are the strength of all things good in the world.

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