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I’m a West Texan, a lawyer by training, and an individual who has found his calling in working with people to resolve conflict and to build peace. This site is dedicated to that calling.

Thanks for reading! I’d love to hear from you and I would be honored for you to join in the conversation.

(I write on a wide variety of subjects. Some things just to stimulate thought and reflection. Some things for fun. All of it therapy for me. To see another side of me, please visit joeycope.com.)

Joey Cope

Joe L. “Joey” Cope, Abilene, Texas
April 11, 2012

(Joey is the executive director of the Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution at Abilene Christian University.)

2 thoughts on “About PeaceBytes

  1. Hi Joey,
    Just discovered your web site when googling images for the Dual Concern Model for an article I’m writing. I have been working in the field of conflict resolution for 16 years now and have a masters degree in CR from Antioch. I’m wondering if I may use your wonderful illustration for my column in a local paper (“The Independent” of Silver City, New Mexico)? Of course I’ll give you credit. Either way, I’m glad I discovered your site. Nice work!

    • Laura,

      Nice to hear from you! You certainly may use that illustration. Thanks for asking!

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about Antioch’s program through the years. Glad to know that you are actively working in conflict resolution.

      Best wishes!

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