True Humility

I’ve never seen a peacemaker who wasn’t humble.

I have seen those who want to claim the title, but miss the absolute requirement of humility.

Sometimes, false humility will carry them for a while. However, when things get tough and emotions run deep, calmness drains from them and a steely determination takes its place.

It’s no longer about peace. Instead, the goal becomes manipulation and control. Some even call what they do “peacekeeping.” In truth, it is all about the triumph of the “peacekeeper” over those in conflict. The bottom line becomes winning for someone who wasn’t part of the struggle.

Too often, I have walked from a training of potential peacemakers knowing that some will never see nor understand a peace that is generated by the will of the opposing parties.

The true tragedy of never seeing and never understanding is that they miss the glimpse of mutual agreement and spiritual movement that gives rise to true humility.

If it’s about you, it isn’t peace.

3 thoughts on “True Humility

  1. I remember taking a Masters course in conflict resolution and going through a role-play feeling like I had failed because I didn’t get the parties to agree. The teacher leading the course asked how I felt like I did in that role-play and I told him I had failed. I’ll never forget his wise words. “Peacemakers do not fail when they do their best to allow the parties to reach an agreement.” It helped me see my role as a peacemaker very differently.
    I’m in a situation now where I have done everything I know to do to bring two parties together and it hasn’t brought peace. I see I can only show them paths but I cannot change their hearts.
    I’m so thankful for the wisdom I was exposed to in my program that have opened my eyes to my role as a peacemaker.

    • Jeff,

      Showing people the paths to peace is kingdom work. Their response is heart work. And you’re right, the heart work belongs to them. Blessings!

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